Body Procedures in Harrisonburg, VA

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty helps to flatten and shape the abdomen and waist by removing excess fat and skin and tightening muscles. The best candidates have pockets of fat or loose skin that haven’t responded well to diet and exercise. The procedure can also be useful for women with stretched skin and muscles from pregnancy.
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Exercise and diet can help make you healthy, as well as help you look lean and muscular. For some individuals, however, it does not always remove those stubborn LFD’s (localized fat deposits). Every individual’s fat distribution and body shape is genetically determined. What this means is that often no amount of diet and exercise will remove these stubborn fat deposits.

Even if the individual is at an adequate body weight, they will still posses areas of excess fat. Liposuction is a procedure that can remove fat and fat cells, thus sculpting the body and doing what diet and exercise alone could not. Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed in the United States today. However, even though liposuction is designed to remove fat, it does not replace or serve as a substitute for good diet and exercise.

The best candidates for Liposuction are:

  • Men and women of normal weight whom mainly want to improve their body shape and contours.
  • People with fat deposits that are “trouble areas”, where exercise and diet seem not to have any effect
  • People with good elasticity in their skin, so when the fat is removed, they will achieve a smooth appearance

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Body Lift

The body lift is performed to remove loose, excess skin from the torso and upper legs. It offers an improvement in appearance for patients who have lost significant amounts of weight due to childbearing, diet, exercise or bariatric surgery. The procedure is often combined with others such as breast lifts and arm lifts to retain a proper body proportion.
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Thigh Lift

Thigh lift is performed to remove excess skin and fat from the upper legs. Candidates typically suffer from loose, inelastic skin after extreme weight loss due to diet, exercise or bariatric surgery. Because of this, the procedure is often combined with others such as breast lifts, facelifts and arm lifts to retain an attractive body proportion.
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The Cellfina® System is the only FDA-cleared minimally invasive procedure clinically proven to improve the appearance of cellulite for at least three years—the longest FDA-cleared duration for a cellulite treatment. Performed in a doctor’s office by a qualified physician, Cellfina® treats the primary structural cause of cellulite for a smooth and healthy look that gives patients the confidence to wear a bathing suit and higher hemlines. Visit  Cellfina™: an FDA-cleared cellulite solution for more information.





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CoolSculpting® by Zeltiq™ is a non-invasive procedure that gently and effectively removes fat from targeted areas of the body that have not responded to traditional diet and exercise. Patients can benefit from noticeable yet natural-looking results in their problem areas, providing an overall smoother body contour. CoolSculpting is most effective in removing fat from the abdomen, love handles (flanks) and back. READ MORE »
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Calf Augmentation

Calf augmentation is a surgical procedure performed to enlarge one or both calves for various reasons:

  • To enhance the body contour of a man or a woman, who, for personal reasons believes their calves to be too small.
  • To correct a loss in calf volume after trauma or other difficulty.
  • To balance calf size, when there exists a significant difference between the size of the calves.
  • To restore shape after volume loss to the calf for various conditions.

Calf augmentation is accomplished by inserting a semisolid silicone implant below the investing fascia and above the functioning muscles. An incision is placed behind the knee. The shape and size of the calves prior to surgery will influence both the recommended treatment as well as the final result.
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Arm Lift

After substantial weight loss, weight gain or simply from the effects of aging, skin on the upper arms can become inelastic, loose and flabby. Arm lifts, also known as brachioplasty, remove that excess skin and fat. Patients who have significant amounts of fat may want to consider combining the procedure with liposuction.
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Buttock Lift

If you want to enlarge or re-shape your buttocks and have discovered that they do not respond to diet or exercise, buttock implants may be the solution. Implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made of soft silicone, which provide a firm, smooth yet natural feel. They are placed away from the bony area on which you sit. The procedure takes about two hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Incisions are made inconspicuously in the depression between the buttocks. It may be performed in conjunction with liposuction for a more dramatic change in contour.
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Post-Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric or gastric bypass surgery can be highly successful in helping morbidly obese patients lose weight. After the procedure, patients are often able to enjoy not only significant weight loss but also greater mobility, relief of symptoms and a lower risk of weight-related disease – not to mention a boost in self-confidence. One unfortunate result is that the stretched and inelastic skin hangs loose over the slimmer body. Our post-bariatric treatments can tighten or remove loose skin to further enhance your slimmed appearance.
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What is it? With immediate results, AccuTite is a revolutionary in-office, minimally invasive treatment for saggy skin or excess fat in smaller and/or hard-to-reach areas.

How does it work? With Accutite, Dr. Asfa is able to apply focal radio frequency contraction, and prevent the need for more invasive or excisional surgery. AccuTite is the most advanced and newest of the RFAL (radio frequency assisted lipolysis) family of technologies.

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BodyTite PRO

What is it? BodyTitePRO is a safe, gentle and minimally invasive, advanced body contouring procedure that shapes, contracts and lifts without the scalpel or large scarring that can occur with many other plastic surgery procedures. You will achieve surgical-like results without the prolonged downtime from having surgery, and is a great solution for individuals who are looking to improve skin laxity due to aging or after weight loss, and can be combined with liposuction or other non-invasive fat removal procedures.

How does it work? BodyTitePRO uses Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) technology that addresses some of the shortcomings associated with traditional liposuction or surgical body lift surgery.

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Morpheus 8

What is it? Morpheus 8 is a fractional skin treatment that stimulates collagen production of the underlying layers of the dermis. By targeting the deeper layers of the skin, tissues of the face and body can be remodeled to reveal a more radiant, youthful appearance.

How does it work? Morpheus 8 is a totally non-surgical procedure that combines both radio frequency and microneedling for skin remodeling.

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